Depression and Anxiety Occurring Together

Feelings of depression and anxiety can be normal for a person to experience during difficult times in life such as during a divorce or after losing a loved one. However, if the feelings persist for extended periods of time, treatment may be necessary to regain normal day to day functioning. Symptoms of comorbid depression and […]

Are You Depressed? Five Signs of Depression

Depression affects an estimated 350 million people in the world today. Caused by chemical imbalances in the brain, depression can majorly affect someone’s day to day life. Identifying depression in one’s own life can be challenging. People who know the affected person may recognize symptoms first, noticing changes in a person’s mood, behavior, activities, and […]

7 Signs Your Partner Has Depression

In the United States today, depression is considered a common mental health issue affecting more than 15 million people. Although a person might think depression is easy to spot with obvious symptoms, identifying the signs as they are presented can be difficult considering how subtle the nature of depression symptoms can be. This is especially […]

Depression Myths Debunked

Depression is a mood disorder that affects daily functioning for those suffering. Feelings of sadness can make a person feel less interested in the activities they once loved. Getting through each day is a new challenge. Depression currently affects approximately 19 million Americans, yet there are still many myths associated with depression that prevent true understanding […]