8 Ways Neurofeedback Improves School Performance

Neurofeedback works for students of all ages ranging children and young adults in grade school to college level students. Younger ages benefit from neurofeedback because the sessions strengthen and enhance brain development. For older students, neurofeedback keeps the brain strong and healthy and prevents the decline of memory and other executive functions vital to academic […]

9 Tips on How to Help Your Child Succeed in School

A large concern for parents is how to ensure your child will be ready for the coming school year. There are many steps parents can take to assist their child’s academic success both in present day and into their future scholastic career. Read these nine tips about how to facilitate the best possible learning for […]

Peak Performance and Neurofeedback by Dr. Jolene Ross

A comment to a previous blog post got me thinking: it is very reasonable to wonder if neurofeedback can be helpful with performance enhancement. Here at Advanced Neurotherapy, we have helped athletes, composers, choreographers, and business people enhance their performance. There is indeed research on the application of neurofeedback in performance enhancement. Look below for a sample […]